In today’s blog article we would like to show you interesting facts and informative about Cue thread. This entry was inspired by a customer’s inquiry.

The Cue is superficially made by an upper part (shaft) and a rear part. These both parts of Cue are connected by using a thread, this is the so-called joint. Although there may be one piece cue, however we will limit ourselves in our contribution to the two-part one, since only they are provided with threads.

As the image clearly visible, a screw pin located in the rear part (external thread). This screw can have very different and complex shape. There is a thread insert (internal thread) in the shank whom is used for mounting to screw the cue. The thread insert of some Cues protrudes slightly. If it like this, then we call it “piloted use”.

The connector of Cues are made by different materials. While the cheaper connector of Cue is made by brass, the more expensive one is made by stainless steel and the price will increase with better quality. Moreover, there are thread connectors in which both of the threaded insert and the threaded pin are carved from wood. The manufacturer of Cues use different types of thread. However, the plurality of Cues have an American inch thread. There is no standardization, so that the threads are to be understood as a specialty or special threads. Therefore each reasons can be:

First, the customer should get used to a particular brand and are bound by it. Secondly, the manufacturers make it difficult to follow along and thus secure the sale of their own original spare parts. However, we would like to present the most common types of threads of some manufacturers.
Since it is American inch thread in the Cue threads that are to be understood as:

5/16 inch is the external diameter (7.9mm)
14 stands for thread teeth per inch

Special thread: Manufacturer:
3/8 x 10 McDermott
5/16 x 14 Pechauer, Falcon, Joss, Mezz, Balabuska
5/16 x 18 Viking, Longoni, Hubler, Orchid, Meucci

The various connectors can sometimes allow a different game feeling. In various specialist Internet forums this topic is highly controversial. However, the differences could not be objectively established.

If you have any questions about the thread just ask us. We’re here to help.

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