*Why do you use threading tools?*

*For the manufacture of internal or external threads.*

This is an expected response. However, the passion of a few threads lovers promotes sometimes reveal creative misappropriation. These are far from the actual benefit or use of thread cutting tools.

In today’s post we want to show you an unconventional application possibility taps.

A real unique – The GSR taps-chess-board

Consisting of:

• Hand taps (M 10) as pawns
• Core drills as rook
• Step drills with spiral as knights
• Combined machine taps as a bishops
• Step drill with straight grooves as queen
• Hand taps (M24) as king

The silver pieces are actually for whites while the golden pieces are for blacks. They made by TiN (titanium nitride) alloy.

Our GSR quality assurance manager had this creative and original idea to use threading tools as chessman. The result is that it becomes a stylish decoration idea for office, it’s not only for looking nice, but also for representing a real unique piece. An ideal and unique idea for gift.

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