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08. April 2016

For our new product “tool holder with level”, we also have an available video now. It shows that advantages of our new tool holder.


24. March 2016

We wish you will have a happy and relaxing Easter and good luck with egg hunt!


24. March 2016

The emergence of the darts is not time accurately classify. Although the name of French origin, is suspected to the origin in England. The dart game as we know it today, looks back on a long history. The dart sport emerged at the end of the 19th century and was first known as a kind of pub game. Over the last decades it became to the great skill and Sports Tournament. Today, fans fill large halls to watch games, the Professional Darts Corparation (PDC) live. The mood in the tournaments is known and loved by spectators. The sport is also broadcast live on television. One of the most famous players is Phil Taylor, who endeared the sport at an even larger audience. Meanwhile, professional athletes the opportunity to win very large sums of money.

To play it, you need a dart board, secondly, each player has three darts. The sizes of the dartboard, the arrows and the throwing distances are governed by the Federation, the World Darts Federation (WDF) and can be read in the sports and competition regulations. The WDF belong to more than 60 nations. There are several game modes, but the game type 301/501 is preferred in tournament play. We inform and write in our blog about thread, we want to address at this point in more detail with the darts. A distinction is made between soft and darts Steel darts.

We inform and write in our blog about thread, we want to address at this point in more detail with the darts. A distinction is made between soft darts Steel darts.

The former has a plastic tip and is preferably used in dart machines. The tip is replaceable.

The latter are headed arrows – as the name suggests carbon steel or metal. As clearly visible in our photo, the point of Steel-Darts is also the Dart body. However, there are so-called pointer whose steel tip is replaceable. These darts are modified for dart machines.

To build is to say that a dart of four essential components:

1. Tip
2. Barrel
3. Shaft
4. Flight

(Metal) As already mentioned, between soft spikes (plastic) and boot tips distinction.

Basically there are two standardized thread sizes for soft tips:
2 BA (British Association)
Ø external mm Ø core hole mm pitch mm
4,70 3,73 0,81

¼ BSP (British Standard Fine / Whitworth fine thread)
Ø external mm Ø core hole mm pitch mm
6,350 5,300 0,977

An exception are the darts of the mark M3 (Caution! Here the dart brand is meant M3 and not the thread type M3). The tips of the mark M3 have different from the tips of the competition no outer thread, but a special internal threads.

When Steeldart the tip is integrated into the barrel and has thus built thread only between Dartkörper and stem a 2 BA.

Do you have questions about profits? Call us or write to us. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you.


17. March 2016

In today’s blog article we would like to show you interesting facts and informative about Cue thread. This entry was inspired by a customer’s inquiry.

The Cue is superficially made by an upper part (shaft) and a rear part. These both parts of Cue are connected by using a thread, this is the so-called joint. Although there may be one piece cue, however we will limit ourselves in our contribution to the two-part one, since only they are provided with threads.

As the image clearly visible, a screw pin located in the rear part (external thread). This screw can have very different and complex shape. There is a thread insert (internal thread) in the shank whom is used for mounting to screw the cue. The thread insert of some Cues protrudes slightly. If it like this, then we call it “piloted use”.

The connector of Cues are made by different materials. While the cheaper connector of Cue is made by brass, the more expensive one is made by stainless steel and the price will increase with better quality. Moreover, there are thread connectors in which both of the threaded insert and the threaded pin are carved from wood. The manufacturer of Cues use different types of thread. However, the plurality of Cues have an American inch thread. There is no standardization, so that the threads are to be understood as a specialty or special threads. Therefore each reasons can be:

First, the customer should get used to a particular brand and are bound by it. Secondly, the manufacturers make it difficult to follow along and thus secure the sale of their own original spare parts. However, we would like to present the most common types of threads of some manufacturers.
Since it is American inch thread in the Cue threads that are to be understood as:

5/16 inch is the external diameter (7.9mm)
14 stands for thread teeth per inch

Special thread: Manufacturer:
3/8 x 10 McDermott
5/16 x 14 Pechauer, Falcon, Joss, Mezz, Balabuska
5/16 x 18 Viking, Longoni, Hubler, Orchid, Meucci

The various connectors can sometimes allow a different game feeling. In various specialist Internet forums this topic is highly controversial. However, the differences could not be objectively established.

If you have any questions about the thread just ask us. We’re here to help.

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17. March 2016

*Why do you use threading tools?*

*For the manufacture of internal or external threads.*

This is an expected response. However, the passion of a few threads lovers promotes sometimes reveal creative misappropriation. These are far from the actual benefit or use of thread cutting tools.

In today’s post we want to show you an unconventional application possibility taps.

A real unique – The GSR taps-chess-board

Consisting of:

• Hand taps (M 10) as pawns
• Core drills as rook
• Step drills with spiral as knights
• Combined machine taps as a bishops
• Step drill with straight grooves as queen
• Hand taps (M24) as king

The silver pieces are actually for whites while the golden pieces are for blacks. They made by TiN (titanium nitride) alloy.

Our GSR quality assurance manager had this creative and original idea to use threading tools as chessman. The result is that it becomes a stylish decoration idea for office, it’s not only for looking nice, but also for representing a real unique piece. An ideal and unique idea for gift.


17. March 2016

Pitch – app assists in the measurement of the thread pitch of screws.

Today we want to introduce a useful tool. The app “pitch” of Smart Tools co. is, as the name suggests, an application to the dimension of pitch with screws. After the app open, the measuring is done directly on the screen of your smartphone. Calipers and threaded masks are not needed. However, the measuring requires on the smartphone screen a lot of tact and a very good eye. Through the pure placement of the screw errors can arise quickly. In addition, the app for Android devices (as of January 2016) is available.

Click here to download the app


17. March 2016

In our latest video we show you how to cut holes with a hole saw.
You should consider the following steps:
1. Clamp the adapter plate in the battery drill
2. Fasten hole saw on the receiving thread
3. Screw driver pin
4. Saw material
5. Lever material using the ejection slots

Now order GSR hole-saws


17. March 2016

In our latest newsletter, you will learn about the new and enhanced hole-saws of GSR.

Besides the classic HSS bimetal products, we now also carry HSS Cobalt hole-saws.


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17. March 2016

Even in ancient times there were screw and spiral structures, however they are not to be compared with the modern screw or threading tools. As an inventor of the mathematical theory of water-spiral, water-snail and screw-pump, Archimedes is from Syracuse (287-22 of Christ). Archimedes was a Greek mathematician, helical structures to irrigate fields studied during his stay in Egypt. Therefore, this is also known under the name “Archimedes’ screw”. There are traditions, interpret the fact that long before Archimedes time, water snails were known as an aid in agriculture. To date, these are used in Egypt on the Nile.

Function of the water screw

The Archimedes screw consists of a tube in that a central axis is installed. To this central axis, a scroll is mounted again. At the upper and lower end are openings so that water can flow on or. By the rotation of the screw, the water is pushed into the chambers, and finally transported to the top. In antiquity, the Archimedes screw was made of wood and finally sealed with pitch. A construction manual can be found in the work: Ten Books on Architecture (de architectura libri decem) by Marcus Vitruvius Pollio. The Roman architect and engineer provides in band X machine (Machinarum see Chap. 6) a detailed design guide.

The Archimedes screw was however used not only for irrigation, but also for dewatering. In particular, the Romans succeeded, with several juxtaposed Archimedean screw down their mines and mines dry. This enabled the promotion of precious metals, which were necessary among other things for coin production. Without this, the Romans no wars of conquest might have led. Well-preserved water screw Roman historians found circa 1883-1884 in the southwestern parts of Spain.


17. March 2016

In new year-2016, we (our team from hope to invite you to a small time-travel in to the past. In our multi-part series, we will report the history of thread on historically valuable and influential inventions around the theme of screws and threads. The basic idea behind these inventions are anchored to this day in our daily lives.

It starts with the first part:

Thread in antiquity 1 – The Archimedean screw

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